A Fire in a Snowstorm? Send Firefighters, Police, EMS ... And Public Works?

During snowstorms, town plow truck drivers try to clear the way for emergency services personnel.

Fire trucks at the scene of a house fire on Hemlock Lane in January of 2011. (Contributed)
Fire trucks at the scene of a house fire on Hemlock Lane in January of 2011. (Contributed)
Two winters ago, firefighters raced to the scene of a nighttime house fire on Hemlock Lane during the height of a snowstorm. It was an example of Monroe's volunteers braving treacherous conditions for their neighbors, but another response likely flew under the radar for most residents.

"Before emergency vehicles could get there, two plows did, plowed curb-to-curb and completely opened the road," Interim Public Works Dir. Chris Nowacki recalled.

When firefighters arrived, Nowacki said, "They were able to set up and not worry about road conditions."

During snowstorms, Nowacki said the nearest plow truck driver is reached by radio to respond whenever there is an emergency call.

Even in cases when conditions are too dangerous for the drivers to stay out there, Nowacki said each goes to the nearest firehouse, so a plow truck is available for any emergency calls that come in.


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