Candidate Profile: Deborah Heim

Heim is running for the Town Council.

Name: Deborah Heim

Age: 52

Occupation: Tax Collector

Political party: Republican

Running for: Town Council


Why are you running?

To make Monroe a better place to live in the future.

What are the three biggest issues facing Monroe?

Economic Hardships, infrastructure and economic development.

How can the Town Council keep the town in the right direction?

To assure that every dollar spent is spent wisely, to make sure proper maintenance and repairs are made to town owned buildings, and to make sure the roads are continually repaired and maintained.

What skills and attributes make you a good fit for the Town Council?

I have work in municipal government for over 27 years. I worked in the Finance, Parks and Recreation, Engineering and Tax Collector’s Offices. I volunteered in the Police department and for the Fire Department. I served As an alternate on Planning & Zoning. I was the chairman of Finance, Education, Health and Public Safety subcommittee. I was liaison to Board of Education, EMS Commission, Youth Commission, and Board of Finance. I volunteer in various organizations in the community. 


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