Council Secures Reimbursement for Energy Conservation Upgrades

The Town Council approved a letter of agreement with Connecticut Light & Power to set aside a total of $536,555 in reimbursement funds.

Monroe has been considering a contract with Honeywell for millions of dollars worth of projects meant to improve the energy efficiency of its municipal and school buildings, and a total of $536,555 in Connecticut Energy Efficiency funds are available if the town completes all of the work.

Connecticut Light & Power runs the program and would award the funds no matter who performs the work, whether it be Honeywell or another contractor. But the power company needed a letter of agreement with the town before it could set aside the funding for Monroe.

On Monday night, the Town Council unanimously agreed to allow First Selectman Steve Vavrek to sign the agreement on behalf of the town with conditions.

The first selectman must come back to the council within 30 days to inform members who is in charge of the work and to provide a plan of how the work will get done with a timeline for completion. The Town Council Committee on Planning & Zoning, Public Works and Parks & Recreation Matters will oversee the projects and report back to the full council.

Justin Bevis, an account executive for CL&P, told council members that the dollar values for each job in the contract will be awarded as completed. The town would not be bound to do all of the projects. It could do only a few and just be reimbursed for those jobs, according to Bevins.

He said the town can cancel the contract with CL&P at any time.

"There is no pressure on the town to make a decision it's not comfortable with," Bevis said.

Once work is completed, an inspector with CL&P either signs off on it, assists the town in completing it properly or declines the financial incentive if the work is not done properly.

There is a total of $344,867.86 in potential reimbursement for the town and if it performs all of the projects, it could receive a $191,687.14 bonus on top of that, according to Bevis.

Though the town does not have a contract with Honeywell, the firm assessed all of Monroe's buildings to come up with the scope of the work. Honeywell says it could pay for the projects through the savings on Monroe's utility bills.


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