First Selectman Answers Common Questions on Chalk Hill

A PowerPoint presentation on Chalk Hill's future included a question and answer section.

The following is a question and answer section that was in First Selectman Steve Vavrek's PowerPoint presentation to the Town Council. He said it includes all of the questions people have been asking.

Who will continue to own the property?

The Town of Monroe will continue to own the property with a flat, annual fee paid to Kimball Group for use towards operations of the building

Who will be responsible for maintenance of the building?

Kimball Group.

Are there any costs to upgrade the building to accommodate the programs proposed and who will pay these costs?

No costs identified at this time to accommodate the programs. Any identified will be the responsibility to work out with the Kimball Group and incoming tenants.

Who will be responsible for overseeing the partnership from the town side and what will be the cost?

The First Selectman would oversee the partnership and a potential oversight Board is being discussed. There would be no costs incurred for this oversight.

Are the proposed uses of the facility currently acceptable within the zoning regulations?

Proposed uses focus on Education, Recreation, Health & Wellness and the Arts. Uses have not been submitted to P&Z for review.

What are the goals and objectives of the private- public partnership?

To operate Chalk Hill building as community center that benefits all residents of Monroe focusing on areas of Education, Recreation, Health & Wellness and the Arts that also limits the financial risk of the Town of Monroe and its taxpayers.

Is it correct that the initial $250,000 capital building expense reserve will be funded out of profits? How are those profits defined?

–The Capital Building expense reserve will be funded from profits which include rent from tenants of the building contracted with Kimball Group. Remainder of terms are still being negotiated.

What is the term of the partnership and at what point do we say it is successful?

Initial proposal is for a term of 5 years with three 5 year renewal points that can be ceased by either party. Terms are still being negotiated.

As a contingency what plans are there to review the facility and decide if the process is not working and how much will it cost then to take a different direction?

The partnership success will be continuously reviewed by both the First Selectman and the Kimball Group along with any potential oversight group. Costs to go into a different direction would be dependent on chosen option, but there would be legal costs incurred to cease contract before term expires.

What are the estimated costs for building loss and liability, snow removal and grass cutting?

Costs are not changing from what they are currently.  Liability insurance (need to get from Carl), Snow removal is covered by BoE and grass cutting is also covered by the BoE.

When the town sponsors a program and collects fees is the revenue to the town or to the partnership? Is there a fee that the town pays for the town program to the partnership?

Town of Monroe will pay an annual fee of $150,000 which in turn allows Parks & Rec, EMS and CERT to remain in the building and run their programs. When P&R runs a program, only those that run in CH will have a ‘building fee’ attached to it that goes towards the partnership.

Will there be any charges by the partnership to Parks & Rec, EMS and CERT to remain in the building?

Nothing beyond the annual $150,000 and a building usage fee for P&R programs.

Joel Leneker December 12, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Has anyone outlined what real activities will support the statement "To operate Chalk Hill building as community center that benefits all residents of Monroe focusing on areas of Education, Recreation, Health & Wellness and the Arts that also limits the financial risk of the Town of Monroe and its taxpayers." The building is not centrally located in the community, is in need of repairs, and will never meet the needs of a new school for the future. The building should be torn down and soccer and lacrosse fields be built in its place, so when and if a new school is needed the site will be ready for construction.
Alex December 13, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Thanks for posting this, helps answer a few things. - Does the 250K fund always have to be kept at 250K? IE: it hits 250K, then the Kimball Group spends 100K of it to upgrade parts of the building, do we immediately have to fund it back to 250K before seeing any profits? - Why is the snow removal and grass cutting still funded by the BOE? If it's no longer being used as a school, why should our school budget be subsidizing a public/private partnership?
Steve Kirsch December 13, 2012 at 06:48 AM
Will there be any charge to the town if Parks & Rec, EMS, or CERT wants to expand the amount of space that it is currently using? Who would pay for upgrades or changes to the space that Parks & Rec, EMS, or CERT currently? I have heard that if the Town wants to put other departments or operations into the building that there would be an additional charge to the Town for this. Is this true? I have heard that if the BOE wanted to move the Alternative Education program into Chalk Hill space they would be charged for use of the space. Is this true?
Al December 13, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Sell the property.


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