Installing a New Projector in Conference Room 204

Monroe Town Hall's conference room has never had a wall-mounted projector for PowerPoint presentations.

Having no projector in Conference Room 204 of Monroe Town Hall has made PowerPoint presentations difficult during meetings, and land use boards sometimes have problems showing plans on a screen during hearings held in the Council Chambers.

Funding was approved in the current budget for wall mounted projectors in both rooms. On Friday, a member of the town's custodial staff installed one in the conference room.

"In this day and age, we need the technology to show PowerPoints," said Jack Zamary, director of technology/operations.

Zamary said it costs about $1,000 for each system, which includes the projector, the wall mount and the screen.

Something else that's being discussed as a future consideration is an improved sound system for the microphones Town Council members use in the Chambers, according to Zamary.

Rick Strong January 26, 2013 at 12:47 PM
Nice for the projectors, but why didn't they run another couple wires for a camera? Monroe should be taping & broadcasting P&Z and Town Council meetings just like the schools do their meetings. Oh, Wait, if they did then the antics of all officials at those meetings would "go viral". LOL LOL. Seriously folks, those meeting should be taped.


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