Tyler Technologies to Do Monroe's 2014 Revaluation

Monroe Town Hall in winter.
Monroe Town Hall in winter.
Assessor Elizabeth Duffy will oversee another revaluation of commercial and residential properties in town next year, and she recommends hiring Tyler Technologies' CLT Appraisal Service, a Norwich firm, to do the job. The Town Council unanimously approved the $121,800 contract this week.

In a letter to First Selectman Steve Vavrek on Dec. 4, Town Attorney John Fracassini said Finance Dir. Carl Tomchik told him money for revaluation has been put aside every year, so the funds are already available for 2014.

The contract does not include the revaluation of Stevenson Dam, which Duffy estimates will cost around $10,000. 

Though Vision Appraisal Technology of Massachusetts had the lowest bid, coming in at $15,000 less than Tyler, Duffy gave several reasons for recommending Tyler. Among them, there is a $17,700 charge from Tyler for use of digital technology that Duffy is trying to avoid by finding an alternative source.

In his letter, Fracassini said Duffy told him how Tyler has done Monroe's revaluations in 1989, 2002, 2008 and 2009.

"Ms. Duffy has received both oral and written recommendations of outstanding service from other municipalities in the State of Connecticut, copies of which she will be providing the Town Council for their review and evaluation," Fracassini wrote.

Duffy worked well with Tyler's project manager in the past and the manager will oversee two 2014 revaluation projects, while Vision Appraisal's manager will oversee up to seven projects in 2014, according to Fracassini.

According to Duffy, Tyler also "has the experience and knowledge" of a system the Town is converting to with Vision Software in January, Fracassini wrote.


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