What Does a Sanitarian Do? Find Out Here.

Trumbull Monroe Health District Dir. Patrice Sulik shares a list of responsibilities performed by a sanitarian.

Ever want to know exactly what a sanitarian does? Patrice Sulik, director of the Trumbull Monroe Health District, shared the following list:

  • Food inspections
  • Review and approve plans for new or remodeled food establishments
  • Cosmetology inspections
  • Review and approve of all building addition applications for all properties that have septic systems and/or wells
  • Review and approval of plans for all septic system installations or repair
  • Inspection of all septic system installations
  • Inspections of all licensed daycare facilities
  • Inspection of all public pools
  • Plan review and licensing of all temporary food events
  • Inspection of large temporary food events (to the extent that there is staff available)
  • Review and approval of well drilling permits
  • Inspection of well installations
  • Response to a variety of public health nuisance complaints
  • Work collaboratively with town departments on blight issues that encompass public health concerns
  • Conduct timely environmental lead inspections when a child is lead poisoned
  • Conduct in-home asthma inspections for individuals with asthma
  • Participate in emergency preparedness training and drilling
  • Maintain state-required Continuing Education Requirements for certifications
  • Storm Recovery/Power Outages
  • Food Borne Illness Outbreaks


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