Read All About It! The Masuk Free Press Earns 'Highest Achievement'

The New England Scholastic Press Association bestowed honors on Masuk High School's newspaper of record.

The Masuk Free Press is a tabloid-style student newspaper at the town high school covering local and national news, politics, business, entertainment and sports, as well as providing a steady diet of opinion pieces for its readers. The monthly publication earned recent raves from the New England Scholastic Press Association, which awarded it with the Highest Achievement for the 2011-2012 issues.

Founded in 1975, the newspaper is overseen by advisor Vivian Segall, who has a strong journalism background, and Jackson Kringel, the editor-in-chief.

Writers Dana Kringel, Dara Rubin and Spencer Jahn were also recognized by the New England Scholastic Press Association with special achievements for their individual pieces.

Dana Kringel was recognized for her article "Why spiders, snakes and needles creep you out," a story about common phobias and how they may be overcome. Dara Rubin's article "It's about Time" examines how time is hard to define, and Spencer Jahn writes about people's addictions to their iPhones in the article "Humans and iPhones are a match made in Silicon Valley."

The Monroe Board of Education recognized the staff of The Masuk Free Press for its achievements during the board's June 4 meeting.

"I'm very proud of them. It's a wonderful staff. I love teaching," said Segall, who is also an English teacher at Masuk.


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