'This is Going to Be a Blue Ribbon School Forever'

Bishop Frank J. Caggiano
Bishop Frank J. Caggiano
St. Jude School celebrated its first ever designation as a Blue Ribbon School, a national award recognizing academic excellence and just what makes a school special. On Thursday, the building was decked out in blue, all of the students and Principal Patricia Griffin donned the color and there was even a table in the gymnasium covered with blue ribbon cupcakes.

The entire school community gathered in the gym for a ceremony with special guests, including Bishop Frank J. Caggiano; Sister Mary Grace Walsh, Superintendent of Schools of the Diocese of Bridgeport; The Rev. Msgr. John Sabia and Michelle Turbak, Edith Wheeler Memorial Library's children's librarian.

"It is about work ethic and applying ourselves every single day we're in school," Griffin said from the podium.

Now that St. Jude School earned the prestigious Blue Ribbon designation, Griffin told her students they must work hard to keep it.

"You can't get lazy," she said. "You can't stop doing your homework. You have to stay focused and on your game at all times."

As a Catholic school, Griffin said St. Jude's students strive for academic excellence with a belief in Jesus Christ, while practicing their faith with a commitment to their community.

Olivia, one of the students who spoke, said, "There are a lot of good things about St. Jude. If you asked me to list them, I don't have enough paper or time."

A slideshow of photos from the past year was set to music, then special recognition was given to students and teachers.

Bishop Caggiano said, "I am very impressed and proud to be with all of you. You are a wonderful school community."

The bishop noted how respectful the children were in the classrooms he had visited and their "willingness to continue to learn and follow Jesus."

"We are not a private school. We are not a public school. We are a Catholic school, which means Jesus is here with us every day," he said. "Treat each other with respect and love."

Bishop Caggiano asked students if they could open the door to their hearts and they answered with a resounding yes.

"Then you are going to have the best school you could have," he said. "And this school is going to be a Blue Ribbon School forever."


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