By the Numbers: The Move From the SWC to the NVL

Advocates of the move to the Naugatuck Valley League say there are more schools that are smaller in the NVL and closer than those in the SWC.


The Oxford Board of Education voted unanimously last week to seek acceptance for its athletic teams into the Naugatuck Valley League. Currently, Oxford plays in the South-West Conference.

The board said the move is being sought for several reasons. Some of them include that Oxford - one of the smallest teams in the SWC with 566 students - could play against more similar-sized schools in the NVL. Also, board members said the NVL schools are closer from Oxford than those in the SWC. 

While the board cited some intangibles that could not be quantified, such as that Oxford folks would take more pride in playing local schools like Seymour and Derby, we decided to take a closer look at a couple that can be measured. We looked at school populations of all schools in both leagues; those stats come from the most recent available from the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference website. And we calculated the shortest distances from Oxford High School to all schools in both leagues; that information came from Mapquest

See the full committee report that the board used to make its decision attached as PDFs at the right. Click on them to make them larger.

School Population

Naugatuck Valley League

Naugatuck – 1,440

Kennedy – 1,373

Crosby - 1,328

Wilby – 1,220

Torrington – 1,185

Watertown – 1,008

Wolcott - 842

Woodland – 795

Ansonia – 777

Holy Cross - 725

Seymour – 707

Derby – 398

Sacred Heart - 381

St. Paul – 318

Average School Size in the NVL: 893 students

South-West Conference

Newtown – 1,761

New Milford – 1,567

Pomperaug – 1,421

Masuk – 1,307

Bunnel – 1,225

New Fairfield – 1,023

Brookfield –1,016

Bethel – 988

Joel Barlow - 959

Stratford - 967

Weston - 824

Oxford - 566

Notre Dame – Fairfield - 485

Lauralton Hall (all girls) – 431

Immaculate – 341

Kolbe Cathedral - 300

Average School Size of SWC: 949 students

Distance From Oxford High School

 - Shortest Driving Distance From OHS per Mapquest


Naugatuck HS – 10.99 miles

Kennedy HS – 15.64 miles

Crosby HS – 20.39 miles

Wilby HS - 20.39 miles

Torrington HS – 36.17 miles

Watertown HS – 18.9 miles

Wolcott HS – 23.11 miles

Woodland HS – 5.58 miles

Ansonia High School – 7.12 miles

Holy Cross – 15.57 miles

Seymour – 2.95 miles

Derby – 4.91 miles

Sacred Heart – 16.68 miles

St. Paul – 39.14 miles

Average Distance From OHS: 16.9 miles


Newtown – 12.88 miles

New Milford – 26.71 miles

Pomperaug – 9.19 miles

Masuk – 8.41 miles

Bunnel – 13.72 miles

New Fairfield – 27.17 miles

Brookfield –20.73 miles

Bethel – 21.54 miles

Joel Barlow – 20.12 miles

Stratford – 16.32 miles

Weston – 29.74 miles

Notre Dame – 18.05 miles

Lauralton Hall (all girls) – 17.15 miles

Immaculate – 22.86 miles

Kolbe Cathedral – 18.72 miles

Average Distance From OHS: 18.8 miles

OWF2012 November 21, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Dad, Riz is not a head coach for football, and track all falls under the same thing. Swimming, same thing, and cross country is all the same thing. and from what all of you guys are saying, track, swimming, and xc all will suffer from this move, so their votes wouldn't be on the yes side.
OWF2012 November 21, 2012 at 01:14 AM
I hate when people say "football field" ... yes football is going to play on it, but so is both boys and girls soccer. and a track is being built as well..
Johnny Ribbs November 21, 2012 at 06:05 AM
Don said - "Looks like the football coach does not want to compete with the Newtown, Masuk, Brookfield, Pomparough, year in and year out." - the SWC just switched up their conferences to ensure Oxford plays more of the smaller schools and doesn't play those big schools every year. So regular trips to Immaculate, ND Ffld, etc. will occur much more often than Newtown or Masuk. Concerned said - "There are three schools in NVL smaller than Oxford, SWC four teams smaller than Oxford. Please know that you are NOT helping the football team, by choosing a weaker conference" - yes that's true but if the NVL goes to a 3 division set up (which it sounds like they could) Oxford would play Woodland, Derby, Ansonia and Seymour much more often than the more outlying schools. Before you cal the NVL weak check the SWC v. NVL playoff record in football.
Pam November 21, 2012 at 08:40 PM
If you believe that Cross Country won't be impacted, then you do not understand the sport. These kids thrive on competition. Running against stronger opponents makes them work harder to go faster. These kids have developed rivalries over the years and many friendships along the way. If you look at the caliber of talent in the NVL, you will see that there are not many strong runners. There is no one pushing OHS runners to go faster. This will impact them in the states when they face tougher competition. Many NVL schools technically have teams, but not enough runners to actually score in a race. Only 9 of the 14 schools fielded a scored team at states and only 1 runner finished in the top twenty for their division. The SWC had 11 girls (one from Oxford) in the top twenty. The only out of league opportunities are on weekends at invitationals which will cause the team to spend more time on buses. travelling further from Oxford at a greater expense to the school.
Pam November 21, 2012 at 08:45 PM
I don't think the coach's intent was to play dirty politics. These coaches are passionate about what they do and want the best for these kids. Many of the athletes themselves have done their homework and are participating on these boards. This is a great opportunity for OHS students to get involved and learn the processes that drive their school and activities and become active members of the community that that live in.


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