SportsBeat: Lacrosse is the Real America's Game

What are the options for lacrosse in town?

All-American certainly has a nice ring to it and many players from the area were smiling from ear to ear after finding out their names will forever be attached to it. The 2012 Connecticut All-American Girls Lacrosse team was recently announced and it made me think about what options there are for lacrosse in Monroe.

Doing an Internet search, I stumbled upon the Monroe Lacrosse Association website. It has information on how to become involved in the sport and about the game of lacrosse itself.

For instance, did you know that lacrosse is our country's oldest game? It was first played by Native Americans over 350 years ago. And the men's and women's games are different.

Players pass a hard ball, slightly smaller than a baseball to teammates using a stick made of plastic, metal or wood with a netting at the end with the similar objective to hockey and soccer — putting the ball into the opponent's net.

Men's lacrosse allows for limited contact, while women's prohibits it all together. Because of this, helmets, shoulder pads, rib pads, arm pads, gloves and mouth pieces are required for male players.

In the women's game, only the goalie wears full equipment, including a chest and throat protector. For the rest of the players, protective eye wear and a mouth guard are mandatory and gloves are optional.

Men play on an 80 yard field with 10 players per team. There are a goal keeper, three attack men, three mid-fielders, and three defense men. Four players stay on the defensive half of the field and three on the offensive half at all times.

Women play on a 100 yard field with 12 to a team — a goal keeper, five attack players, and six defensive players. Five players must stay on the defensive half of the field and four on the offensive half of the field at all times.

U.S. Lacrosse is the sport's national governing body. According to a video on the Monroe Lacrosse Association website, over 143,000 people in the country play lax at the high school, collegiate, post collegiate and professional levels. And more than 150,000 girls and boys are in youth leagues.

So who are Masuk's best lacrosse players? Are you a part of a lacrosse league in town? What are some of Monroe's options? Tell us in the Comments.


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