Christine Rose
I have been photographing architecture, people, and places for more than 30 years and for the last decade, I have been writing stories about inspirational people who make the world a better place.  I think those are the people who will save the world. 
For more than a year, I worked at the Danbury Patch as the gallery photographer and reporter covering the education beat, features and other news.  I also covered the Housatonic and Naugatuck Valleys for the Regional Editor. I am also published as Christina Rose. My Political views:  I do not associate myself with a political party as I see the benefits and detriments of both major parties.  I would classify myself as an Independent in every sense of the word. I vote for candidates rather than parties, and look for candidates who are honest, sincere, and hold a true goal of being a servant of the people.  I have met many people, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and totally apolitical, that fall under that category. I am fiscally conservative, but understand the need to support my community over my own comfort, whenever necessary.  My personal beliefs tend to be both very conservative and very liberal.  I hold high standards for myself and believe in personal responsibility.  I firmly believe that rights without  responsibility is tyranny. I also believe that law without compassion is tyranny.  Fortunately, I do see that there are many wonderful people in the world.  Tyranny is often just louder.  My work with deeply impoverished people, in places where there was virtually no opportunity to create a better life, reminds me that we can, and must, create a better world by providing opportunities for success where there are none.  My religion is faith based.  I believe deeply. I also do not believe that any one religion holds all of the secrets of the universe.  I see religions as parts of an interlocking puzzle, and each has a bit of news the others could learn from.  If one is to believe there is one God, then one has to consider that all religions are getting their information from the same source.  I worked in civil rights for many years, and know on a very deep level the problems that bigotry can cause to others.  I am the founder of ChangingWinds.Org, a 501 C3 non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of Native American children through education and charitable efforts.  All of the children served by Changing Winds reside in the poorest counties in the country, located on Indian Reservations in South Dakota.  You can reach me at RosepetL5@aol.com or Christine.rose@patch.com
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